Carmix One


  • Spare wheel
  • Additional discharging chute (cm 80)

Carmix One Product Diagram

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Carmix One Specifications

  • Mixing Unit:
    Drum capacity 1400 liters. Concrete drum output: 1 m3. EN 206-1 IN SLUMP S1 Class, yield not vibrated. Double mixing screws. Cover for emergency unloading. Drum rotation by hydraulic motor and planetary reducers. Mixing and discharging speed independent from r.p.m. of diesel engine. Quick discharge by drum tilting
  • Engine:
    Perkins 403 D-15T Turbo-Diesel, water-cooled, 3 cylinders. Power KW 29 (39 HP) set at 2.800 rpm. Electric starter
  • Transmission:
    Hydrostatic. A variable outlet pump drives the hydraulic two-speed motor connected to the differential through two-speed reducers. 4 wheel drive
  • Axles:
    Disc brakes and planetary reducers
  • Speed (Electric servo control):
    Working speed : 0 to 7 km/h
    Road transfer : 0 to 14 km/h
  • Driving Seat:
    Reversible seat with automatic inversion of hydraulic steering circuit. ROPS-FOPS (UNI 11023) Canopy
  • Hydraulic System:
    3 circuits. Variable outlet pumps for hydrostatic transmission and drum rotation. Gear pumps for services and steering. Heat exchanger-type water/oil-air
  • Loading Shovel:
    Effective capacity 180 liters
  • Gradient:
    Fully loaded 30%
  • Water System:
    Self-contained. Hydraulic-driven water pump, water meter, washing outlet
  • Brakes:
    Disc brakes. Twin independent circuits for parking and emergency. Mechanical parking brake acting on the rear axle
  • Tyres:
    Off-road industrial type 11,5/80 - 15,3 PR 10
  • Steering:
    Hydrostatic and articulated
    Radius: internal mm. 2700
    external mm. 4600
  • Electric System:
    12 Volt. 80 Ah battery for electric starter and road lighting. Safety battery cut-off
  • Tanks:
    Water: 310 liters
    Diesel: 35 liters
    Hydraulic oil: 25 liters
  • Chassis:
    Articulated steel profile specially engineered for off-road operations
  • Weight:
    About Kg. 2.800 equally distributed on both axles
  • Chute:
    Slewing and manually tilting
  • Catalogue:
    The machine is equipped with Use and Maintenance and Spare Parts Manuals according to CE regulations

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