Apollo Carmix 23


  • Capacity : 2.3 cum / per batch
  • Concrete Output @ 85 to 90% of the rated capacity (Considering 1 cum = 2400 Kg. MAX) Slump S1
  • Operation is user-firendly
  • Compact & Economic
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • 4 Wheel drive and 4 wheel steer
  • Electronic weighing system with printer
  • Efficient and reliable after-sale service
  • Ideal solution, whenever & wherever small quantity of concrete is required
  • Self-Articulated hydraulically operated shovel for a more accurate loading of aggregates and cement
  • High pressure washing system for better cleaning
  • Fully balanced equipment
  • Oil-bath built-in disc brakes: no maintenance at all and totally reliability
  • Electronic Weighing system to certify 100% quality of concrete

Self Loading Mixer 23FX Diagram

Self Loading Mixer 23FX Diagram



Self Loading Concrete Mixer Product Specifications

  • Mixing Unit:
    Concrete output @85 to 90% of the rated capacity
    Drum Volume : 3000 ltrs.
    Capacity per batch : 2.3 Cu.M.
  • Engine:
    Mahindra & Mahindra
    Model : VNEF49
    Ratings : 49 HP@2200 rpm
    BS-III, Water cooled
  • Speed (Electric Servo Control):
    Working Speed : 0 to 10 Kms/hr
    Road Transfer : 0 to 27 Kms/hr
  • Loading Shovel:
    400 ltrs
  • Tyres (Off Road Type):
    Size : 12.5-20 PR 12
  • Chassis:
    Steel profile specially engineered for off-road
  • Steering:
    Hydraulic. 3 Way
    4450 mm
  • Tanks (Capacities):
    Water : 2x225 ltrs
    Diesel : 95 ltrs
    Hydraulic Oil : 70 ltrs
  • Weighing:
    Equally distributed on both axles
    5600 Kgs
  • Electric System:
    There were 12. 180 Ah
    battery for electric starter and road lighting. Safety battery cut-off
  • Chute:
    Slewing and hydraulically tilting
  • Water System:
    Self contained Water Pump, Water Meter, Washing Outlet
  • Gradient:
    Fully loaded 30% (16-18 degrees)
  • Driving Seat:
    Reversible seat with automatic inversion of hydraulic steering circuit

FAQs - 23 FX Self Loading Cocrete Mixer

A Self Loading Concrete Mixer is a construction machine that combines the functions of a concrete mixer and a loader. It can automatically load, mix, and discharge concrete, making it ideal for small to medium-sized construction projects.

The Apollo 23 FX Self Loading Concrete Mixer works by loading materials into its self-articulated hydraulically operated shovel. The materials are then mixed in the drum, and the mixed concrete is discharged at the desired location. The machine features an electronic weighing system, ensuring precise mixing and high-quality concrete output.

Key features of the Apollo 23 FX include a concrete capacity of 2.3 cubic meters per batch, a user-friendly operation, compact and economical design, low maintenance cost, 4-wheel drive and steer, electronic weighing system with printer, and a high-pressure washing system for better cleaning. It also has oil-bath built-in disc brakes for reliability and no maintenance.

Using a Self Loading Mixer in construction offers several benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, and improved project timelines. The machine's ability to load, mix, and transport concrete on-site ensures consistent quality and saves time. Its compact design and low maintenance cost make it an economical solution for various construction projects.

The Apollo 23 FX is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized construction projects requiring concrete. It offers user-friendly operation, precise electronic weighing, high-pressure washing for easy cleaning, and reliable performance with low maintenance costs. Its compact design and 4-wheel drive make it versatile and efficient for various construction sites.

A Self Loading Concrete Mixer is suitable for various construction applications, including small to medium-sized construction sites, remote area projects, road construction, and projects where precise and consistent concrete quality is required. Its versatility and efficiency make it a valuable asset for different types of construction projects.

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