Carmix Dumper D6


  • European version
  • Spare wheel
  • Mixing unit 3.5 interchangeable with dumper bucket: Mixing unit (drum capacity 4850 l, concrete yield 3,5 m3) complete with all necessary attachments, hydraulic pumps, motor and hydraulic controls fitted on the chassis
  • This feature is available only when dumper and mixer attachment are ordered at the same time

Carmix Dumper D6 Diagram

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Carmix Dumper D6 Specifications

  • Loading Capacity:
    Struck : 4500 liters
    Heaped SAE : 6000 liters
  • Engine:
    Perkins 1104 D-44 TA Turbo-Diesel, water- cooled, 4 cylinders.U.E. + U.S.A.: Perkins 854 E-34 TA Turbo-Diesel, water-cooled, 4 cylinders. Rated power KW 83 (111 HP) set at 2.300 rpm
  • Transmission:
    fully hydrostatic Bosch Rexroth with electric inverter. Gear box with mechanic control, two speeds. 4 wheel drive and steering
  • Axles:
    Dana Spicer with oil bath disc brakes and planetary reducers
  • Speed:
    Working speed : 0 to 9 km/h
    Road transfer from 0 to 25 km/h
  • Driving Seat:
    Reversible seat with automatic inversion of hydraulic steering circuits. ROPS-FOPS (UNI 11023 – ISO 3471) cab closed on 3 sides
  • Skip:
    Heavy duty rock type. Hydraulic tilting with 2 cylinders
  • Hydraulic System:
    2 indipendent circuits, variable outlet pump for hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic pump for services. Heat exchanger water-oil-air/air type
  • payload:
    Kg. 10.000
  • Brakes:
    Oil bath disc brakes on 4 wheels. Hydraulic parking brake negative on rear axle manually operated
  • Tyres:
    Off road industrial type 16/70-20 14 PR
  • Steering:
    Hydrostatic, “load sensing“ type 3 way steer- ing. Radius: internal 2000 mm. external 3700 mm
  • Electric System:
    12 volt. 120 Ah battery for electric starter and road lighting. Safety battery cut-off
  • Gradient:
    fully loaded 30%
  • Tanks:
    Diesel: 115 liters
    Hydraulic oil: 80 litri
  • Chassis:
    Steel profile specially enginereed for off-road operations
  • Weight:
    Empty: 5.800 kg equally distributed on both axles
  • Safety:
    Machine equipped with checking and block valves for maximum safety of the operator
  • Catalogue:
    The machine is equipped with Use and Manteinance and Spare Parts Manuals according to CE regulations

FAQs - Carmix Dumper D6

A Self Loading Concrete Dumper is a versatile construction machine that combines the functions of a concrete mixer and a dumper. It can load, mix, and transport concrete on-site, making it ideal for small to medium-sized construction projects.

The Carmix Dumper D6 works by loading materials into its bucket, mixing them to create concrete, and then transporting the mix to the desired location. It features a fully hydrostatic transmission, 4-wheel drive, and a reversible seat for easy operation. The hydraulic system and heavy-duty design ensure efficient and reliable performance.

Key features of the Carmix Dumper D6 include a Perkins 1104 D-44 TA Turbo-Diesel engine, fully hydrostatic Bosch Rexroth transmission, Dana Spicer axles with oil bath disc brakes, a reversible seat with ROPS-FOPS cab, a heavy-duty rock type skip with hydraulic tilting, and off-road industrial tires. It also has a payload capacity of 10,000 kg and a mixing unit with a capacity of 3.5 m³.

The Concrete Dumper D6 is suitable for various construction applications, including small to medium-sized construction sites, remote area projects, and road construction. Its ability to load, mix, and transport concrete on-site makes it ideal for efficient and flexible concrete production.

Using a Heavy Duty Dumper in construction offers several benefits, including increased efficiency in concrete production and transportation, reduced labor costs, and improved project timelines. The robust design and powerful engine of the dumper ensure reliable performance even in challenging terrains and heavy-duty applications.

The Carmix Dumper D6 is a reliable and efficient solution for concrete production and transportation. It features a powerful engine, robust design, and advanced hydraulic systems for optimal performance. The dumper's versatility, ease of operation, and compliance with safety standards make it an excellent choice for various construction projects.

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