Apollo Carmix 4TT


  • Capacity : 4 m3 per batch Concrete Output : 85- 90% of the rated capacity. (Considering 1 cum = 2400 kg. MAX) Slump S1 Operation is user-friendly
  • Front driving cab to assure perfect visibility and excellent comfort to the operator
  • Self-Articulated hydraulically operated shovel for a more accurate loading of aggregates and cement
  • Discharging chute with hydraulic slewing and hydraulic tilting
  • High pressure washing system for better cleaning
  • Rear engine : easy checks. Fully balanced equipment
  • Oil-bath built-in disc brakes: no maintenance at all and total reliability
  • Electronic weighing system “Load Cell” acting on the drum to certify 100% quality of concrete
  • Compact & economic
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • High pressure water pump
  • 4 Wheel drive and 4 Wheel steer
  • Electronic weighing system with printer
  • Efficient and reliable after-sales service
  • Ideal solution, whenever & wherever small quantity of concrete is required
  • Apollo Carmix selects the best suppliers in order to assure its customers not only with top quality but also their best after-sale network

Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Diagram

self-loading concrete mixer

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Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Specifications

  • Chassis:
    Steel profile specially engineered for off-road operations
  • Mixing Unit:
    Concrete Output
    Drum Volume : 5300 ltrs.( Drum Volume)
    Capacity per batch : 4.0 Cu.M (Concrete output @85 to 90% of the rated capacity)(Capacity per batch)
  • Engine:
    Model : 4R 1190 TA BS-IV, CRDI Technology (Model)
    Ratings : 110 HP2200 rpm (Rating)
    Water cooled, Turbo Charged
  • Speed (Electric Servo Control):
    Working Speed : (0 to 9 Kms/hr)
    Road Transfer : 0 to 26 Kms/hr
  • Loading Shovel:
    600 ltrs
    with hydraulically operated shutter gate
  • Tyres:
    Off Road Type
    Size : 16/70-20 PR 16
  • Steering:
    Hydraulic. 3 Way.
    Radius (internal) : 1800 mm
    Radius (external) : 3850 mm
  • Weight:
    Equally distributed on both axles
    7785 Kgs
  • Tanks (Capacities):
    Water : 2x400 ltrs
    Diesel : 115 ltrs
    Hydraulic Oil : 80 ltrs
  • Electric System:
    12 Volt. 120 Ah battery for electric starter and road lighting
    Safety battery cut-off
  • Chute:
    Slewing and hydraulically tilting
  • Water System:
    Self contained Water Pump, Water Meter, Washing Outlet
  • Gradient:
    Fully loaded 30% (16-17 degrees)
  • Driving Seat:
    Front Cabin on loading shovel-side. ROPS-FOPS cabin with double
    closing door
  • Joy Stick Operation:
    All hydraulic functions of shovel controlled by a single fully servo

FAQs - Self-Loading Concrete Mixer 4 TT

The Apollo Carmix 4TT offers several advantages, including its user-friendly operation, high capacity of 4 cubic meters per batch, precise electronic weighing system, and efficient loading and mixing processes. It is designed to reduce labor costs, improve project timelines, and ensure high-quality concrete production on-site.

The Apollo Carmix 4TT works by using a self-articulated hydraulically operated shovel to load aggregates and cement into the drum. The materials are then mixed in the drum, and the concrete is discharged through a hydraulically tilting chute. The machine features an electronic weighing system to ensure precise mixing and high-quality concrete output.

Key features of the Apollo Carmix 4TT include a 4 cubic meter capacity per batch, a front driving cab for perfect visibility, a self-articulated shovel, a discharging chute with hydraulic slewing and tilting, a high-pressure washing system, oil-bath built-in disc brakes, and a fully balanced design. It also has an electronic weighing system, 4-wheel drive and steer, and a robust chassis for off-road operations.

Using a Self Loading Concrete Mixer offers several benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, and improved project timelines. The machine's ability to load, mix, and transport concrete on-site ensures consistent quality and saves time. Its compact and economical design, along with low maintenance costs, make it a practical solution for various construction projects.

The Apollo Carmix 4TT is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized construction projects requiring concrete. It offers user-friendly operation, precise electronic weighing, high-pressure washing for easy cleaning, and reliable performance with low maintenance costs. Its compact design and 4-wheel drive make it versatile and efficient for different construction sites.

A Self Loading Concrete Mixer is suitable for various construction applications, including small to medium-sized construction sites, remote area projects, road construction, and projects where precise and consistent concrete quality is required. Its versatility and efficiency make it a valuable asset for different types of construction projects.


  • Additive System
  • Rear view camera

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