For few decades construction industries was struggling with cementing, mixing and transporting of the raw materials to the worksite on time. The construction industry at any time requires fresh and quality concrete, but their requirement was not fulfilled and they found difficulty in working. There was only one way to bridge this gap was the invention of the advanced technology-based machine. So, self loading concrete mixers were invented that made life bit easier. In this article, we will learn about how this machine works?

Various model and types of concrete mixing machines are available in the market either small portable mixer or large concrete trucks. Every model comes with unique features along with advantages and disadvantages, specifications and configurations. But, the requirement of the construction industry is bit different. They require a powerful machine to mix heavy quantity of cement and aggregates and at the same time it should be time and cost effective.

What is self loading concrete mixer?

Self loading cement mixer is multi-functional machine capable to self load the necessary concrete ingredients, blend them, and transport the concrete where it is needed. It comes with various benefits such as easy to operate because of its self loading design, user- friendly, portability, and available at any time. The machine reduces the time consumption in making the concrete and provides the desired proportion that is small to medium volume of mixture for the construction purpose. Also, it avoids unnecessary wastage. It has become popular amongst the construction industry today as the concrete machine is equipped with an effective engine and four wheel drive system that extends its utility in any terrain and conditions.

self loading concrete mixer

Working principles of self loader concrete mixer

Here we will discuss the working methods of the machine. The key feature of this mixer is an easy operation with a requirement of just one person.

  • A concrete mixer is a standalone machine that completes any concrete mixing task easily and requires one person to operate the machine.
  • It has a hydraulic driven drum that rotates at a high speed to mix the mixtures thoroughly.
  • The drum can be easily lifted to discharge the concrete when it is ready.
  • The self loading mixer consists of a metallic bucket at the back that is used for loading the drum with concrete ingredients.
  • The operator who has full control on the machine controls loading, mixing, speed of the drum, and the rotation of the drum direction.

The working method of this machine is very simple. First, place the cement manually in the bucket and add water to it. Through its unique bucket loading operation features, it collects sand and aggregates and loads it into the rotating drum quickly and efficiently. The high speed rotating drum mixes the mixture thoroughly. Once the mixing is completed it is transported easily to the job site where it is required. And you get the mixture easily and just in one convenient package.

This is the reason why self loading dumper is considered as one of the best concrete mixing machines which can be easily used at the construction site. It enhances the working efficiency and requires less energy consumption. The self loading design with multi-functional advantages drives the construction industries in buying this machine. There are several reasons why this machine is used in various construction projects like apartments, building, water dams and canals, roads and kerbs, urban infrastructure, and many more. Hence, it improves productivity, reduces production time and operating cost.

working principal of self loading concrete mixers