The main aim of a self-loading concrete mixer is to complete the process of mixing all materials and transport it to a construction site. It also has a unique feature where the mixing drum continues to mix it to prevent it from freezing. The main feature of such a concrete mixer being that it is compact and highly efficient. Besides which it is also cost effective and a big time saver. It is essentially a single unit that can handle multiple tasks like weighing, stirring, feeding, discharging and transporting.

What is a Self loading concrete mixer?

A concrete-mixer is essentially a machine that combines sand, gravel and water to produce concrete (or cement). This will usually involve a revolving drum and all portable ones allow construction workers to do this at a construction site itself. A self loading mixer is also a concrete-mixer, however it is also a concrete truck.

Thus, this type of truck can not only mix the concrete material, but it can also transport it. Here are some of the main features of such construction machines:

  • Drum Swivel
  • High pressure water Jet System
  • Concrete batch controller
  • Operable single handedly
  • Portable machineTransportable to construction site
  • How is it different from other construction equipment
Self loading concrete mixer

There are several types of construction equipment as per this list here:

  • Cement concrete-mixer
  • Self loading concrete-mixer
  • Concrete batching plant
  • Ready mix concrete plant
  • Earth moving equipment

A concrete-mixer uses several raw materials like sand, gravel and water to form concrete. This is a small portable unit and the process is usually done at a construction site.

A concrete batching plant is typically a big setup. It combines raw material like water, air, sand, fly ash, slag, rock, gravel and produces concrete. Such a machine will generally discharge all load into trucks. It is likely to be a stationary plant, although it can portable and semi-portable.

A ready mix concrete plant that combines water, gravel, sand, stones to create a ready mix. The advantage of using this is that it is specially treated with retarders to slow any hydration process. Hence the ready mix is transportable to longer distances.

An earth moving equipment like a bulldozer has the main function of pushing large quantity of soil, sand, rubble and other type of material.

A self loading concrete mixer is unique in many ways. It is a concrete mixer that makes use of raw material like cement, stone aggregates, etc. to create concrete. It is also a transporter and thus transport the cement where the requirement is. Hence one can essentially batch, mix and transport concrete with this machine. On the other hand, most other construction machines have the basic design to handle just one task.

How does a self loading concrete mixer work

  • Place all raw material into the mixing drum (sand and gravel).
  • This mixer will usually have a water tank that should be full. This will inject water into the mixing bucket in a slow measured fashion.
  • The next step is to add a right amount of cement along with gravel and sand into a mixing tank.
  • Next add any other raw materials as per specific batch configuration.
  • Finally it is time to transport it to a construction location.During transportation the drum will continue to turn so that the concrete does not clot.