The construction industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. This has been driven by the rapid innovation in concrete machines and the need to get more concrete construction projects completed in a shorter time.

The self-loading concrete mixer is the culmination of construction innovation through decades of research on optimization of concrete production processes.

This machine can be classified as the off road and tough terrain equipment that will reach where many ordinary earth moving machines will never go. This is why the equipment has gained popularity in major civil engineering works and infrastructure projects where terrain and site access is a big challenge.

Important Design Features

  • Special electronic weigh batching with an output of up to 14 cubic meters per hour
  • Turbo charged engine that is diesel powered , over 80 Kw at 2500 rpm
  • The loading shovel and the hydraulic cylinders can hold up to 600-liter capacity. It has the single joystick control system for easier concrete loading and unloading operations.
  • 4 wheel drive and 4 speed automotive type transmission with the electro – hydraulic control for low and fast movements and great movement operations.
  • The drum has high rotation capability for easier attainment of the homogenous mix.


Manufacturers must pay very close attention to the ergonomics of a machine, as the performance is dependent on the wellness of the operator. The self-loading mixer is designed for ease of operation, through convenient location of hydraulic switches and gears. A hand lever is designed for operations such as drum lifting and slewing operations.

self loading mixer carmix 25fx

The Emerging Markets in East and Central Africa

With the great number of mega construction projects in the sub Saharan Africa, the demand for the self-loading concrete mixer is set to increase gradually. According to development repots, these countries are experiencing at least 7 % annual growth rates in the economy.

The rise of the Mega construction projects in these regions such as shopping malls, mixed-use developments and real estate development projects are bound to drive demand and purchase enquiries of this machine.

Infrastructure developments such as railways and roads constructions require equipments that will transect the rough terrain without extreme wear and tear.

Cell Tower Constructions

The development of telecommunications in these regions have also been rapid , with the increase in cellular networks penetration being very rapid. Mobile technology requires construction of communication equipment towers, which are located in high altitude spots and hills for greater spread of the communication signal. Access to these areas requires powerful machinery able to move to these areas.

The current model of the self-loading concrete mixers is powerful and able to access areas that are unreachable with the ordinary equipments. Another important feature of this equipment is the reduced turning angle that these equipments are able to take. This is achieved through the orbital double wheel hydraulic power steering. This high level of maneuverability and ease of movement has made the equipment to be uniquely positioned for great performance even in harsh and difficult terrain.