A heavy-duty rock type, the Carmix Dumper D6 is designed for off-road operations. It features dual cylinders for hydraulic tilting, allowing it to move at a higher speed than conventional dumpers. Its 6.6-m working depth provides ample space for concrete haulage and a maximum payload capacity of 10 tons. It is ideal for large projects with low ceilings, avoiding the need for U turns and lowering the height of the vehicle.

The Dumper D6 has an off-road chassis with a 12 volt, 120-AH battery for the electric starter and a safety battery cut-off. The fuel tank holds 115 liters of diesel fuel and 80 liters of hydraulic oil. It weighs about 5,800 kg (12,786 lbs.) when empty. The D6 has hydrostatic steering and four-wheel drive.

The D6 dumper is capable of traveling on dirt roads and quarries. It is equipped with a two-cylinder hydraulic dump box and heavy-duty rock bucket. The D6 has an 111-horsepower engine and hydrostatic steering. It can travel at a maximum speed of 25km/h on a single axle. When empty, the Dumper weighs 5,800 kg (12,786 lbs).

The D6 has been specially designed for off-road use. It has an extra-wide chassis for easier maneuverability. Its hydraulic system is equipped with automatic inversion. The chassis is equipped with hydraulic controls and connections. It is also equipped with a 12-volt battery for electric start and a 120-AH battery for safety. The D6 is also compatible with all-wheel-drive. Its cab allows the driver to work in a position that is most comfortable.

The D6 dumper is an off-road machine designed to work in opencast mines and quarries. It is powered by an 111-horsepower diesel engine and has a reversible, closed-cab. The D6 is equipped with hydrostatic steering and four-wheel drive. There are many features available with the D6. Its 5.5-m3 cab is ideal for off-road operations.

The D6 dumper is ideal for off-road work. Its specially-designed chassis means it can be used on dirt roads and in opencast mines. The D6 has a heavy-duty rock bucket and a two-cylinder hydraulic dump box. Its 111-horsepower engine and four-wheel-drive ensure maximum safety for the operator. The D6 also has a hydrostatic steering system, which allows it to move easily and maneuver while off-road.