Dumper mixer is a portable machine often noticeable at every construction site, may it be a building or road construction, etc. It is an easy solution to ready mix concrete instantly available at the site for laying out concrete at the job site.

It can be attached to any truck if the concrete is required to be manufactured in huge quantities. A big sized tilted drum can be used as a dumper mixer.

Ready Mix Concrete with Concrete Dumper Mixer

Concrete dumper mixer is the readily available solution available for ready mix concrete which means that there will be no waiting for the concrete to be manufactured. There is a huge amount of concrete mix which can be produced at a time. These mixes are added in the dumper mixer way before the construction starts so that the workers have the mix ready in hand. Thus it helps to ease the construction task.

Hydration point begins once the cement comes in contact with water. Within 30 to 45 minutes of the hydration process, the mixture starts to form lumps which are not desirable for any building. So an off site synthesis of concrete mix and then transporting to the construction site becomes off the limit, this problem is solved by the self loading dumper. The mixer takes in the input ingredients and churns the ingredients into a slurry form and then pushes out the content through a conveyor belt.

Self Loading Dumper


Dumper mixer proves beneficial and of sole utility at the time of road construction. Once the concrete mix is ready, the dumper mixer is fitted with wheels or a large sized mixer can be attached rearly to the truck. This truck helps in the easy movement of the dumper mixer. The mixer gradually pours out the content on the floor, the layers are then layered by the leveler and allowed to cool down, Hot Charcoal is added as an additional layer to increase the shine and longevity of the roads.

Speedy Delivery of Projects

The mixer vessel revolves at the 22 to 25 rotation per minute thus hastening the process. Large Self loading mixers if attached to carrying trucks the load capacity enhances multifold. A truck can carry a concrete mix up to 40000 pounds depending upon the size of the mixer. Such a large quantity of concrete mix prepared at a single time, therefore, adds to a quick completion. Simple controlling mechanisms like taking in the inputs, mixing all the ingredients and easy pouring out of the content make the machine smooth to use and deliver the expected results.

The Bottom Line

Dumper mixers are a helpful innovative technology for the construction sector. An increased rate in developing good infrastructure all across the world puts a tremendous burden on the stakeholders, in this case it becomes necessary to complete work in time. Depending on small equipment like dumper mixers play a significant role. New innovation and making the machines highly automatic is definitely paying off well in speedy delivery and construction.