There are several versions of self-loaded mixers for sale. So, how does one go about selecting a good one based on one’s own requirements? Each model has its own set of advantages for meeting the needs of various construction sites. This means that you must understand a variety of variables that could have an effect on fieldwork. For e.g., if the road conditions on a construction site are extremely bad, the 4×4 self-loaded mixer truck will still operate smoothly. Since the performance of different models varies, it is safer to choose a concrete mixer with the appropriate capacity. A self-loading mixer with an excessively large capacity can raise your output investment. In contrast, if you work on a small building site that does not need a large volume of concrete, using a smaller mixer would not waste any concrete. The hydraulic section, pump, and mixing tank are the most important components of the self-loaded concrete mixer system. When a customer decides to purchase one, he must consider the consistency of the pieces.

The mixing tank and blades are designed with high wear-resistant material, which increases service life by 30%. The tank and blades are made of high-strength wear-resistant plastic, which increases service life by 30%.

What Is The Purpose Of A Self-Loading Mixer Machine?

The self-loading mixer system works as both a concrete truck and a concrete mixing facility. It combines concrete packing, metering, mixing, and offloading, as well as concrete transportation and on-site concrete manufacturing, significantly improving working performance and lowering production time and expense.

It’s easy, fast, and productive working efficiency is evident in all aspects:

  • Loading: The materials can be loaded quickly and precisely thanks to the special articulated hydraulic shovel. To prevent wasting of raw materials, the bucket’s built-in blade will automatically cut the cement container. From the bucket, all of the ingredients will reach the mixing drum seamlessly and easily.
  • Mixing: Once the aggregate and cement join the mixing drum, they can be combined by the water tank’s automatically pressurized water flow. The special double screw blades guarantee the accuracy of the mixing as well as the quality of the concrete. 
  • Transportation: A four-wheel drive hydraulic transmission system with a good design can be used for transportation in any place. Under full load, the self-loading transit mixer will crawl up a slope of 30°. 
  • Discharging: The user will dump the concrete in four 270-degree circles around the vehicle. The discharge height is approximately 2 meters. 
  • Cab: With a single handle, the driver can manage all main operations. It even has an air conditioner, making it a comfortable working atmosphere in every season.
  • Defence: It has an anti-rolling and anti-falling obstacle defence scheme, which increases overall safety security for drivers in challenging construction situations and road conditions.

Packing, mixing, storage, and unloading are all integrated into the self-loading mixer truck. which is comparable to a small mobile concrete mixing plant It is convenient, easy to use, and has a straightforward operation. As a result, many people have chosen it. 

What types of road conditions will the self-loading mixer system handle? Because of its compact frame, short wheelbase, the wide road turning radius, and other characteristics, the self-loader mixer system is well suited to work sites of reduced height, distance, and weight. It is sufficient for all types of construction projects that involve a dynamic real-time path.

The self-loaded mixer for sale will discharge with a 270-degree angle for projects with relatively narrow construction paths. The machinery will finish discharging on both sides without shifting, raising operating productivity and lowering labour costs. Furthermore, with four-wheel drive and a dependable hydraulic system and engine, the self-loading mixer can comfortably ascend a 30-degree slope with maximum load. It is an excellent option for mountainous areas, plateaus, and grasslands.