There has been a healthy growth rate in the market for concrete transportation equipment. This rate is approximately 25 – 30 % per annum, despite the presence of recessionary trends. There has also been increased use of transits mixers in the construction industries that has kept manufacturers on their toes due to increasing demand. Customer preferences have led to many product innovations and manufacturers have focused their research and development efforts to design features that favor unique situations and special conditions of the Indian markets.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

The self loading concrete mixer is the best example of machine that is leading in product design and innovation. It has also been gaining popularity across many continents. One of the areas of automation that has been the subject of research is the maneuverability of the machine across different terrains and construction environments. This has led to increased efforts in research that the machines can now double up as mini batching plants.

Innovation and Customer Focus

Concrete mixer Manufacturers and engineers are now more than ever using new technologies to attract customers who are not as much attracted by the prices but by the added value of the equipment. Competitors are using their customer’s experiences and challenges to gain a competitive edge in marketing concrete equipments including the self loading concrete mixers and many others.


Some of the important features that made concrete manufacturing equipments stand out include;

  • Unique drum design made with highly durable steel construction
  • Optimized positioned spirals with wear protection, which make the machine efficient and durable.
  • Efficient hydraulics made with planetary drive, rugged and compact mixing units, water tanks, pump and special loading hopper and unloading chutes among other efficiency enhancing units.
Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Areas of convergence in manufacturing

In the development of concrete making equipments, convergence has been the central theme in design. This is whereby a single machine is developed to handle various or multiple processes, and thus becomes more acceptable to building contractors.

The latest designs of self loading concrete mixers are able to mix the concrete, and help in laying the concrete too, thus making the equipment an all round machine for construction. This level of performance is also enhanced by the easier mobility and even tighter turning angles to access the construction sites. The use of the self loading mechanism means there is reduced labor usage and direct saving on cost of manpower.


The concrete mixing plants are equipped with four wheel drive mechanism that enables them cope with any form of terrain especially when handling infrastructural projects. The recently developed models of the self loading mixers have incorporated a concrete batch controller (CBC) system that can actually print batch information onsite. New advanced models now come with a well enclosed operator cabin that also maximizes operator safety during operation.


The demand for concrete mixing and transportation equipments is clearly on an upward trend and this is expected to continue for a while. In the sub continent of India, the infrastructure plan for the next 5 years by the government is the main driver of this demand followed by the rapid development of the real estate sector.