There has been a consistent growth in the demand for self-loading concrete mixer. Over the period from the year 2014, there has been a continuous average growth of over 3 % per annum. These gains in the construction and concrete mixing technology have been boosted by a sustained trend in the technological advancement of mixing and concrete delivery equipment. One of the main drivers of this demand has been the advent of hybrid concrete mixers and self-loading concrete mixers.

Leading Market

The self loading concrete mixer market grew continuously in the year 2018 and a record 4% average growth was achieved. The Asia Pacific countries excluding Japan have remained to be the key drivers of growth and this has been brought about by the growing government efforts to improve the public infrastructure. There has also been a resurgent increase in construction activities in these countries. In the year 2019, a growth demand of over 6% is expected in these countries.

Developing Countries

Manufacturers have now witnessed a boom in the demand for the self loading concrete mixer in developing countries as well. With the new era of proactive governments now present in most developing countries, real estate construction and infrastructure developments have taken center stage. There has been greater worldwide demand for concrete machines than the market can provide. The enhanced connectivity of the world through the internet means that people in far flung countries can view equipments online and make purchases for the equipment to be delivered.

self loading concrete mixer

Competitive Outlook

Manufacturing companies are always developing new models of premium concrete mixers to deliver highly efficient and productive operations. Higher speeds, quality of mix, flexibility and greater throughput at a given time are some frontiers that are driving the competition.

Important Growth Determinants

  • There has been an increased emphasis on cost effectiveness of the machines, ergonomical aspects, as well as equipment that ensure safety of the operator is achieved. This has led to development of a whole new generation of self loading concrete mixer trucks that deliver smooth handling, low cleaning costs, higher payloads and user friendly operational systems.
  • Innovative Accessories; these are incorporation of flexible and easy to service attachment parts, which increase the operational efficiency of the self loading mixers and boosting their market competitiveness.Development of smart and automated self loading concrete mixers has enabled achievement of higher fuel efficiency, smart operations, including self loaded water supply and lower ownership costs. These have led to unprecedented market growth of the equipment.
  • Development and attainment of higher technical standards and faster navigation of the equipment through construction sites.Increased mobility of the self loading mixer has eliminated the challenge of moving prepared concrete to various points in the construction site, while maintaining the integrity of the mixture. This has the effect of reducing the overall cost of construction.

These key attributes of the self loading mixer have attracted many end users to adopt this technology in their efforts to achieve optimal productivity and maximize profits.