A self-loading concrete mixer has the ability to mix all materials as well as transport it to a construction site. This is different from other construction equipment in many ways and also has several unique features. It ensures the mixture does not freeze up during transportation by continuing to mix it even during transportation. This is also cost effective and efficient device since a single unit is able to handle several tasks like weighing, stirring, feeding, discharging, transporting.

Features of a self-loading concrete mixer

A self loading concrete mixer combines the raw material like sand, gravel, water and produces cement (concrete). It consists of a revolving drum and since it is portable it is easy to transport to the construction site as well. It has several other features include a drum swivel, high-pressure water jet system, concrete batch controller, ability to mix as transport to the construction site as well, single hand operability.

The significance of the self-loading mixer

This is a cost-effective and time-saving machine as far as getting concrete to the construction site is concerned. However, it does have a limitation on the amount of cubic meters of concrete it can transport at a time. There are several developing countries around the world that make use of this machine and there is a very good reason why, as explained here:

  • With a self loading transit mixer, it is possible for one to own their own personal concrete batch plant.
  • The alternative is to use equipment like, conveying equipment, front end loaders, etc. Instead, this is just one construction equipment that handles all the tasks.
  • Ensures the builder has full control to meet the concrete requirement as far as the time and amount of concrete are concerned.
  • All raw material is placed in different bins. This ensures that each delivery concrete mix is a fresh mix.
  • A single load can work for multiple jobs; thus, removing the need to send the truck back to the plant.
  • If the construction site is at a remote location or if it is not feasible to set up a batch plant close by, making use of a self-loading concrete mixer is the perfect solution.
  • This equipment helps reduce the wastage since one has the ability to mix and transport concrete as per the requirement; no more or no less.
  • This method of mixing and transporting concrete ensures that it is always fresh, not over mixed and at the right temperature.
  • There is also the flexibility of selecting the truck size depending on how much concrete is necessary.
  • It also offers flexibility in terms of availability. The concrete can be scheduled at any time of the day (24×7) as per the requirement.
  • This method of concrete production also provides customization options to add color or admixtures.
  • These trucks also consist of an additional water tank and hence can adjust their mixture using it if and when the requirement arises.
  • It offers several other additional features like ticket printing, a high production rate too.
  • Can supply mortar, screed and other types of mixes and cement.
  • Reduces the labour requirement since it takes only a single worker to operate this device.
self-loading mixer

Working off self-loading concrete mixers

This has a simple working process that makes it all the more appealing to at any type of construction site. To start with all the raw material is placed into a mixing drum; this includes sand and gravel. The water tank injects water into a mixing bucket in a slow and measured method along with a right amount of cement along with gravel and sand. The next step is to add any other raw material as per the batch configuration. Once done it is time to transport it to the location and ensure it does not clot.