There are many contractors and building consultants who prefer having their own concrete mixing equipment as compared to having to use hired equipment. For an individual interested in long term business, this is definitely an investment worth making. There are many factors to consider before deciding on ready mix concrete or owning your own mixer. Some of these factors include;

  • Scope of the job
  • Site location
  • Number of staff
  • Time frame for project completion
  • Available resources

Professionals in the concrete industry recommend that whatever option you take, your concrete mixer should have high reliability, independence and flexibility in working time. For instance, when one needs to pour a slab of 50 square meters, it would require a consideration to be made between the self loading cement mixer and ready mix concrete.

The self load concrete mixer is adapted to heavy workloads and gives consistent quality compared to ready mix concrete.Shorter duration jobs would be better handled by the ready mix concrete mixer, for the contractor to move to the next job.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

This equipment is designed to deliver great convenience and reliability compared to other designs of concrete handling systems. The trucks are designed for extreme portability especially because most concrete jobs will require the equipment to be as close to the site as possible.

Fusion of Two Equipments

This is critical aspect of the self concrete mixer in that it is developed as a combination of two equipments which are the concrete mixer and the cement mixer. The self loading mixer mechanism implies that the equipment can load, estimate and mix the final output without much human intervention. Therefore, this equipment delivers all you need in a single and convenient package.

self loading cement mixer

Engine Power

Due to the size and energy requirements, the truck is usually equipped with a powerful engine, that is four wheel driven, to ensure the vehicle easily maneuvers through the rugged conditions of construction sites.

Efficiency and Versatility

This is the ultimate benefit of having the self loading dumper. A majority of these mixers have been observed to have a very reliable and consistent output with minimal effort or skill of labor as long as the machine has been set up correctly. They are therefore very convenient for most concrete operations.

Self Loading Transit Mixer

This self loading transit mixer is designed to mix and transport the concrete up to the construction site. It can be charged with the dry materials and water, and the mixing occurs during transportation. It can also be loaded from a central mix plant with already mixed concrete prior to loading. The self loading transit mixer then continuously agitates and maintains the mix in a a semi liquid state until delivery to the site.

Pumping mechanisms may then be used to deliver the concrete to the precise application point where access is a challenge such as in high buildings, bridges and other inaccessible locations.


The decision on the type and model of the self loader concrete mixer to be used must be made in reference to convenience that the equipment offers. The scope of job, time frame, reliability and cost effectiveness are some of the important considerations affecting the convenience of the equipment.