Self-Loading Concrete Mixture is a standalone machine that self-loads required a quantity of aggregates, Cement, and Water into the drum and forms with the self-concrete mixture. The Self-loading concrete mixture is generally been used in the construction field for producing a high-quality concrete mixture. Pressure Transducers is the method been used for weighing the materials.

Physical Properties of Self Loading Concrete Mixture:

  • Self Loading Concrete Mixture delivers up to 2.5 m3 of a concrete mixture.
  • The unmixed materials are been fed into the self-loading mixture.
  • It consists of hydrostatic 4 wheel drive transmission.
  • The engine is water cooled with 4 stokes with a turbocharger.
  • The equipment can cover the substantial area of concrete as it has various capacities up to 4 cubic meters volume
  • Constant agitation of concrete due to the user-friendly design of the equipment.
  • It has a drum capacity of 1400 liters with an output of 1 cubic yards per batch.
  • The rotation is been done by hydraulic motors and planetary reducers
  • The hydraulic system consists of three circuits with variable outlet pumps for hydrostatic transmission and drum rotation.
  • Main functions are been controlled with the help of joystick.
Self Loading Concrete mixture

Mechanism of Self Loading Concrete mixture:

  • Self-loading concrete mixture is the best and the easiest way to create with the self-loaded concrete mixture. Following shows with the mechanism of the machine.
  • Self Loading Concrete Mixture is portable, that is the concrete mixture can be formed at the site itself.
  • The self-loader helps to load the raw materials in the drum.
  • The raw materials like aggregates, cement, and water are been dumped into the drum. Properties are been set with the machine for getting a required output of concrete mixture.
  • The drum rotates at a certain speed, in order to produce with the desired concrete output.
  • Once the process is been finished, concrete gets ready and it been directly placed at the site.
  • The main advantage of this self-loading concrete mixture is getting fresh concrete at the construction site for getting high-quality concrete for efficient building.
  • This machine also helps to reduce manpower and also saves time. One operator is required for driving, loading and for mixing operations.
  • Minimizes transportation and fuel cost, in turn minimizing the waste
  • Electronic weigh batching unit with user-friendly operations


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