There are different ways to make concrete. Adding the old methods of manually mixing or undergoing the use of a concrete binding plant, an easier and bending technique for concrete production is through the use of Self Loading Concrete Mixer.

Self-Loading concrete mixer is hybrid and moveable, as it is equipped with wheels that make it move freely. As the concrete mixer is reflected to be a self-feeder, which is a major indication for the enlargement of concrete mixing. They are nowadays standing out to be more self-regulating and labour-saving.Self-Loading Concrete mixer is an absolute choice for small construction enterprises, giving them integrated automatic loading, mixing, transporting, and unloading for the concrete. It’s a highly automated concrete mixture truck, also it only needs one person to operate from a cabin which gives functionality from loading to mixing throughout the completion of unloading the materials. Approximately up to FOUR batches of concrete can be generated within 60 minutes as per the records. Therefore, these pieces of machinery can result in creating a modest base and easy on-the-go work for the companies. There are innumerable types of Self Loading Concrete Mixer gear. Carmix One is the most ordinary section, to pinpoint these machines are contracting and have disparate ability to create the concrete-mixture. However, the conclusion is that they come in different quantities and the storage factor is also diversified.

But when we talk about the daily functionality and the routine work done with Self Loading Concrete Mixer Machinery, where daily inspection is mandatory for a good job. There are many ways you can conduct a daily inspection with your machinery.

1) Checking the Lubrication Timely

As machinery is operated daily, it needs easy flow to work properly. However, checking the work of lubrication point on the rotating parts, and supplying lubricant oil in a time will give them easy workflow on daily basis. Also, keep a daily record of the amount of lubrication oil that is stored in the oil-cup of the concrete mixture to supply the oil timely.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

2) Weekly Records of Oil Levels in the Air Lubricator

An Air Lubricator injects a stream of oil lubricants into the air-line to provide lubrication to internal parts of the mixer. Checking the oil levels of the air lubricator weekly, and using the lubrication oil with a viscosity around 2.5E to 70E.

3) Drain Valve Must Be Cleaned and Not Choked

Open the drain valve at least one time a day, this makes sure that the drain is working properly and no leftovers are blocking the drain valve. Water drains away from the air compressor and air storage tank.

4) Servicing Bolts and Nuts

Clamps (as bolts and nuts) should be checked regularly, this saves maintenance time and cost.

5) Check the electrical control systems that are operating with the self loading concrete mixer and the apparatus to see whether they are normal.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Italy

6) Checking Mixture Shaft and the cylindrical body of the Concrete Mixer Italy.

The Mixture Shaft plays a vital role in the whole procedure, whereas the cylindrical body holds and mixes the concrete mixture. They should be kept clean, however, you find this messy and needed to be clean. It should be cleaned manually.

7) Replacing Dust Filters

Regularly cleaning or replacing the filter screen and dust filter is required, this is when the dust filters are usually damaged early because of the extraction of the concrete mix. These can be washed or blown up by clean water or a soft brush.