Concrete or Cement is the life of any project. It is the one important component that provides real time standing structure to the project designed only on paper. A mixture of aggregate which can be fine or coarse, cement and water form the Concrete, that is the holding component of any building. Varying on the basis of the projects the component in the concrete can be changed in proportions or other new ingredients can be added too. In earlier times, this mixture was prepared manually but there was a lack of precision and it was time consuming too. Therefore with times, this process evolved and now the sites use a concrete mixer, a machine that mixes all the ingredients together in a rightful proportion.

Concrete Mixers

An automatic device that cuts the production time, reduces the manpower required to a great extent at any construction site is observed as a Self loading mixer. Self loading concrete mixers are precise as well as efficient in delivering the desired quality of concrete in no time. These days even portable concrete mixers are available which can be easily relocated to multiple sites. Batch mixers and continuous mixers are the two major types of concrete mixers. Batch mixers produce the concrete in small batches as the name reveals, producing multiple batches of small quantities of concrete. Tilted drum mixer, reversing drum mixer, Non tilting drum mixer, Pan mixer are the common examples of batch mixers. They are used at the sites having little construction or even they work as portable self loading cement mixers. Continuous mixers have the burden of pouring out concrete mix throughout the construction process. It is employed at a heavy construction site.

Importance of Self loading concrete mixer

Self loading cement mixers are self feeding that means that there is no manual input required and are self taken by the mixer. With an increased pressure of delivering the project on time, it is must that construction finishes well ahead and is on schedule requiring lesser resources. The automatic self loading concrete mixers serve both the purposes.

Self Loading Cement Mixers

The self concrete mixers are attached to a feeding hopper at the loading end. In the beginning, the feeding hopper is placed on the ground and manually added to the components like aggregate, cement and other concrete materials. After the ingredients are secured in places, the machine is set to start, the self loading mixer feeds hopper into the mixing drum. The mixing drum then propels out the mix through the slide shaped bent and is collected at the site. For its further transportation to various places, these mixers exit can be linked with a conveyor belt.

Summing it up the automaticity in these mixers has relieved the engineers a lot in project completion as well as its delivery to the clients.

The Bottom Line

Self-loading concrete mixers are solving a lot of cost and time for any project. With the enhanced technology and an appraise for beautiful infrastructure it has become of the utmost importance that the construction process should evolve and this has been certainly achieved through the introduction of automatic Concrete mixers.