Trends in construction of bridges, tunnels and other structures on roads

It is said that life is a big road with numerous signs. In fact, highways and bridges have emerged as important infrastructural components that permit easy movement of vehicles, bikes and people. Asphalt or concrete types are the most common.

Bridges and underground tunnels also form an important component of tarmac, railways and other passages. These form a significant portion of modern transport network. In the United States, the annual revenue for these structures was $24.3 billion in 2013 and $ 25 billion in 2014.

All these infrastructural projects are characterized by high complexity and the need to achieve durable and high quality structures. It is therefore imperative to use modern mixing and curing techniques.

Reasons for using SLCM in bridge making

A variety of complex bridges such as suspension, cantilever, arch and truss type require high quality structure to withstand the weight imposed by vehicles and trains. In addition to strength, they must be iconic, aesthetic and very appealing.

To effectively and efficiently load and mix the concrete during their construction, SLCM needs to be used. These trucks load, mix and unload the material very fast and this enhances its quality since it does not dry up during the mix process.

The use of separate mixers and loaders in form of backhoe increase the machine inventory and the final project costs. SCLM performs the function of two trucks and therefore saves on capital and operational cost.

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Achieving compact, durable and well cured concrete and asphalt roads using SLCM

Asphalt roads are the most common forms used all over the world. The development of these roads is associated with numerous areas where concrete must be used. They range from side tracks, bridges, pavements along the road, drainage systems and other structures. In addition, the formation of the asphalt road requires layers of ballast materials depending on the soil conditions. To facilitate effective curing and mixing, it is important to use trucks with loading and mixing facilities.

With the current rapid growth in highway construction in both developed and developing nations, it is forecasted that the global highway development industry will reach US $ 8,929 billion in 2017 and $ 10,388.6 billion in 2019. Rapid growth is expected in Africa, India and Asia where population growth is increasing the demand for good modern housing and transport facilities. The rapid growth and advanced road construction techniques are expected to use automated machine to improve productivity. Machines such as Self Loading Concrete Mixer will assist in improving productivity since they allow faster, easy and convenient loading.

Use SLCM to finish infrastructural project within schedule and cost constrain

Despite the rapid growth in this industry, most infrastructural projects are marred with numerous project management issues. Most are completed behind schedule and with high cost overruns. This is due to their complexity and increased scope of activities, a lot of time is lost and cost increases. To avert these problems, it is necessary to use, specially designed loading and mixing machines to save time and cost.