The company has developed a line of cement silos that will improve productivity on the site. Available in 15 and 28 cubic meters, Carmix Carsilos have an electronic control panel and a vibration system that facilitates the flow of cement. The unit is fully compliant with the latest EU safety standards. It can be operated without a supervisor, allowing you to concentrate on the construction at hand. It can also be fitted with an automatic levelling device.

The Carmix Carsilos are available in three different sizes. They are horizontal stationary cement silos fitted with telescopic stabilzers and extendable legs. The Carsilos can be easily loaded/unloaded from trucks. They use conveyor screws and vibrators to ensure that cement is evenly distributed throughout the silo. These silos can be remote controlled to adjust their contents as necessary. In addition to the advantages listed above, the Carmix Carsilos are highly efficient at saving site space.

The Carmix Carsilos are designed to be mobile and can be used on a construction site. The Carsilos are available in three sizes and are fitted with extendable legs. Moreover, they feature a built-in electronic metering framework, load cells, and digital instruments for accurate and convenient measurement. They also come with telescopic stabilizers and a discharging screw conveyor. The Carmix Carsilos are ideal for building workshops, as they can be transported with the use of a truck. They can also be controlled remotely.

ACEPL is a company with strong reputation in construction and has joined a joint venture with an international company. The company has three self loading mixers: the 25 FX and the 4 TT. The company also offers a wide range of Carmix Dumper D6 cement silos. The ACEPL group is led by a capable team with an eye towards quality and value for the customer. If you want to maximize productivity on the site, the Carmix Carsilos are the perfect choice for you.

The Carmix Carsilos are designed to increase site productivity. These portable cement silos are fitted with extendable legs and telescopic stabilizers to allow for easy loading and unloading from trucks. They can also be equipped with vibrators and conveyor screws to reduce waste. They can be remote controlled. Aside from their mobility, they are compatible with various types of machinery. Aside from that, they are also compatible with many types of casters.

The Carmix Carsilos series Cement Silo is designed to increase production in building workshops. It has two sizes: 25 FX and 4 TT. The carmix series cement silos are fitted with an extractor screw and electronic metering framework. The unit is equipped with a discharging screw conveyor. ACEPL has a competent team focused on providing value and quality to their clients. With their superior design, they provide high-quality solutions to customers.