Apollo Carmix Self-Loading Concrete Mixer 4 TT

The new Apollo Carmix Self-Loader Concrete Mixer 4 TT is a versatile self-loading concrete mixer with a high capacity drum of 5200 litres. The machine has a drum volume of up to 4 m3 per batch, and is equipped with hydraulics and planetary reducers for an efficient mixing cycle. The mixer has an independent mixing speed, independent of the diesel engine speed, and an increased discharge of up to 2m. This self-loading concrete mixer is ideal for small to medium-sized construction projects.

This self-loading concrete mixer can produce up to 2.5 m3 of concrete per hour, and is ideal for small to medium-sized projects. This machine has a hydrostatic four-wheel-drive transmission and an engine that has a turbo charger. The shovel has a 400-liter capacity and a double-closing door. The machine can also produce high-quality concrete that will last a long time.

The Apollo Carmix Self-LoadING Concrete Mixer 4 TT is the perfect addition to any construction project. It has an impressive capacity of 3450 liters and delivers up to 2.5 m3 of concrete per hour. The drum rotates quickly, ensuring that the mixture is continually agitated. It also has an easy-to-use double-close door and automatic safety-lock.

The Apollo Carmix Self-Load TT mixer has a remarkably high capacity of 3450 liters and can produce up to 2.5 m3 of concrete. The mixer has a hydrostatic four-wheel-drive transmission and a turbocharged engine. The cab is located on the side of the machine and has a capacity of 400 liters.The compact design is user-friendly and provides a large area of coverage for concrete. The two-wheel drive and the hydrostatic agitation system make it the most efficient way to mix concrete.

The Apollo Carmix Self-Load TT Concrete Mixer has a drum that allows for material loading from the sides. It has a dual-action mixer that is equipped with a hydraulic system. This machine has an operator joystick and an auto-mixing system. It can also be manually controlled, which makes it easy to operate. Its manual and digital controls make it simple to maintain and operate.

Apollo Carmix Self-Loading Mixer 25 FX

The Apollo Carmix Self-Load mixing truck is a powerful self-loading mixer with a drum capacity of 3450 litres and a capacity of 2.5 m3 per batch. Its double mixing screw and hydrostatic transmission provide excellent performance and dependability, and its 4WD capability gives it the flexibility to operate in remote areas. For maximum safety, the vehicle is equipped with a ROPS canopy and an auto-stop system.

The 25FX is a self-loading mixing truck that offers a 3450 liter capacity and a 2.5 m3 concrete production capacity per batch. The self-loading mixer also has a 270-degree rotating drum and hydraulic 4 wheel drive transmission. Its engine is a water-cooled 4-stroke with turbo charger. The loading shovel has a capacity of 400 liters and features a single joystick to control the functionality of the machine.

The Apollo Carmix Self-Loads mixer is ideal for large-scale construction sites. It has a 3.5 cubic-metre capacity per batch. This larger drum capacity allows for more production in a shorter time. Its bigger loader shovels can load a bulk amount of raw materials at a time, reducing cycle time and enabling more batches per day. It also has a hydraulic shutter gate that is easily accessible for the operator.