The real estate construction is a rapidly developing industry and maintenance of efficiency in construction has major implications on cost and profitability. Mechanization enhances efficiency through enabling faster completion times as well as achievement of higher quality of work . The self-loading dumper is used in bulk handling of construction material in real estate construction sites. It has become a critical addition during construction due to the ability to move larger volume of material as compared to other methods of material transportation.

Important Advantages of the Dumper

  • This equipment is versatile and designed for all terrain therefore very important in construction operations. Materials moved during construction include sand, rock, gravel, and soil. The construction site also remains clean, neat and well organized.
  • The trucks are designed with enhanced stability during operation therefore, efficiency and more productivity is achieved.
  • Safety during operation is achieved through enhanced machine stability and very efficient transmission system. The machine is also built with off road industrial tyres for a greater grip during operation. The cab is also closed on three sides for protection against dust and flying debris during the loading and off loading operations.
  • The self-loading dumper is cost efficient as no loading equipment is required at the site of operation.

Why You Must Have the Dumper at the Construction Site

Transportation of extremely heavy material such as the mixed concrete will require more than just a dumper truck. High performance dumper trucks are designed with hydrostatic transmission for greater power delivery of up to 107 horsepowers. The equipment is also made with heavy-duty axles for durability and maintenance free disc brakes for better performance. This equipment is therefore essential for faster and efficient completion of the project.


Appropriate Maintenance Techniques

Regular preventive maintenance on the dumper equipment creates longevity of the machine as well as better performance. Regular cleaning of the machine on a daily basis prevents accumulation of dirt and foreign matter, which may eventually enter and damage the engine. Scheduled maintenance practices must also be observed such as checking the hydraulics for leakages, lubrication and observing good operation practices.

Availability of the Self-Loading Dumper

The joint venture between “Apollo Carmix Equipments Private Limited” has led to development of great dumper trucks such as the Carmix dumper D6 model. This is the ultimate equipment for construction where smaller volumes of concrete are required per application. The machine has a loading capacity of up to 1362 gallons and run by powerful Perkins engine with a maximum power of 80 kw.


For profitability of a construction project to be realized, efficiency must be emphasized always. This is done by applying suitable machines to the process such as making use of the dumper for material transportation. Important advantages of using this equipment include ability to transport various types of materials (multipurpose), ability to work in various terrains, and guaranteed safety during operation. The equipment is supplied by Apollo concrete solutions, a joint venture company that has over 30 years of experience in concrete technology and machinery.