There is nothing more important than your personal safety. Especially, if you are leading a construction worksite and have quite a few workers working out there, then there are added responsibilities of ensuring their safety as well. International laws on worker safety standards have set stringent rules, in this context. However, the major challenge for every worksite owner or leader lies in the perfect identification of the potential reasons behind every workplace hazard.

One of the major reasons behind the occurrence of catastrophic workplace dangers happens to be the several worksite tools and equipment. For safe and perfect operation, it is imperative to master the art of handling the tools in the correct manner. Especially, when it boils down to using the self loading dumper at your worksite, there is a need for taking additional care. Any half-hearted approaches, in this regard, can prove to be fatal for all your workers as well as pedestrians.

However, a bit of knowledge and profound training and competence can take you a long in preventing dumper hazards. Read the following article for a brief overview of the entire topic.

Knowing the major causes

You must be well aware of the age-old saying that states that prevention is better than cure. And this axiom happens to be quite relevant while preventing dumper mixer hazards. For mastering the art of hazard prevention, you must know the common causes of its occurrence.

  • Overturning hazards: Almost a whopping 60% of dumper hazards are caused by the overturning of the vehicle. And in most of these cases, the driver fails to survive.
  • Collision: Another common reason for dumper deaths is the collision of the vehicle. Often, while moving to and fro within the industrial worksite, self loading dumpers inflict fatal blows on pedestrians.
self loading dumper

Selecting the most appropriate vehicle

Therefore, you simply cannot deny the importance of nailing down the most appropriate vehicle. And there are several factors worth considering, in this regard.

  • Using gradients: It is always judicious to make your dumpers work on gradients, as they will help them maintain safe and perfect working capacities. Associate with the most reliable manufacturers and get the best product.
  • Safety equipments: Invest in the self loading dumper coupled with perfect roll-over protection. Additionally, you also need to make sure that the dumper drivers use seatbelts while driving the vehicle.
  • Load distribution: Ensure even distribution of loads and check whether your dumper has proper load transportation platforms.
  • Clear vision: Other than ensuring perfect load distribution, you must also do away with any loads that block the driver’s vision.
  • Wheel stops: Opt for the dumpers with wheel stops. These stops will prevent the dumper from falling or tripping at the edges of pits and excavations.

Building competence through training

At times, it is not just enough to secure investments in the appropriate vehicle. Your industrial site workers must possess a profound knowledge of the art of safe operation and handling of the equipment. And this where, proper training and worker competence happens to be of paramount importance. While imparting self- loading dumper hazard training, you will need developing the competence of two significant groups.

  • The first group happens to be the dumper drivers. As they are the main persons operating a dumper, it is imperative to check their credential. One of the best ways of doing that is by checking their competency and authorization as well as verifying their training certifications.
  • As the next significant group, pedestrians must learn the art of travelling by safe routes within the worksites. Additionally, they also need to receive training for making their presence felt at worksites. As the most desired result, drivers will be well aware of their presence and handle the vehicle accordingly.

With these aspects in mind, it will not be quite tough to prevent severe self loading dumper hazards at industrial worksites.