Introduction– Self-loading concrete mixers are mobile machinery with the bottom of the mixer equipped with a set of wheels that can move freely. These concrete mixers are commonly available for automatic feeding which indicates the development and advancement in the field of the concrete mixing industry. It is a truck that is useful for the transport of concrete to a construction site. It is a self-loading machine which means it can automatically get fed to the truck. The fact that the number of construction buildings is on the rise along with business expansion and renovation projects. The most popular constructions projects include projects like airports, dockyards, rail networks, roads, bridges, and many more and these will always perennially be on the rise leading to more demand for the self-loading concrete mixers.

Working of the Self-loading concrete mixers

The self-loading concrete mixer is equipped with a feeding hopper which is placed on the ground in the beginning and then manually the aggregate is added to the aggregate, cement, and other concrete materials to hit the start button so that the concrete hopper can lift the material right into the mixing drum. This process of loading into a concrete mixing drum is called a self-loading concrete mixer.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Features of the Self Loading Concrete Mixer

The self-loading design can automatically produce and transport concrete on site. The features of a self-loading concrete mixer are mentioned below-

  • It is a multi-functional machine that is capable of self-loading all the ingredients, mix transport, and discharge.
  • It has a wheel system that helps give high traction to help the machine work even in soft clay site conditions.
  • The hydraulic drum offers high rotation that aids in effective mixing operation.
  • All the loading and mixing operations, the speed, and the direction of the drum are all controlled from the truck instantly.

Advantages of the Self Loading Concrete mixer which makes it in great demand

Due to the rapid industrialization and the innumerable benefits it can render, these machines are very productive and reliable, and easy to use. It is cost-saving construction equipment. Another added advantage is that it can carry its water which makes it vital to the mining industry by saving labour effort. This demand globally is because self-loading concrete mixer is a very versatile piece of equipment and can be very useful in various circumstances all over the world and in India.

How to choose a Self-Loader Mixer

Many factors need consideration while investing in a self-loading concrete mixers-

The Supplier evaluation needs to be properly done before procuring the mixer as cost offered, aftersales support, and on-site support matters. Secondly, the availability and reliability of the spare parts must be considered for the uninterrupted service of the mixers. Also, the cost of the spare parts and the maintenance schedule should be studied clearly. The Self loading concrete mixers are very effective for a time-bounded construction site and where batching plants may be unavailable. The global self-loading concrete mixer market is growing at a faster pace with substantial growth rates over the last years and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming times. Their flexibility in application along with optimum efficiency has led to global demand and the supply is well-catered by suppliers of self-loading concrete mixers with continual innovations.